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One of the most important jobs you can do before, during and after you drive your vehicle is to do a car tire pressure check. The vehicle manufacturer will have a recommend level of air pressure and by maintaining that you can make your tires last longer and more importantly make each time you drive your vehicle safer.

Stay safe

A car tire pressure check can prevent a number of dangerous situations. If you tire pressure is low, then this can affect your braking distance. In an emergency, this could be very dangerous if you need to make a sudden emergency stop or need to avoid a collision. Another problem is that over time the low pressure generates heat. For a period this can cause tires to wear out with a moderate heat but if it gets too high then you run the risk of losing tread segments and in the worst case scenario your tires could get blown out completely.


It is recommended that you do a car tire pressure check regularly. Ideally this should be once a week, but at a minimum you should do this once a month. It is especially important before undergoing any long distance trips such as going on a cross country vacation drive. For more information about these services and to get a tire air pressure check contact Front Range Mobile Tire today in order to get your tires checked and give you peace of mind.

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